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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The History Of Digital Storage

I remember the first external hard drive that I bought in the 80's. It was huge, held only 5 meg of data, and cost about $4,500. I thought it was so cool.

Now many of us have gone through floppy discs, Zip and Jazz drives, CD's and DVDs, and flash drives for data archival. Still, for any serious audio or video work, every day we depend upon those highly evolved high-speed platters revolving at around 7,200 RPM.

That's why I thought you'd enjoy this infographic on the history of digital storage from Mashable.

First, let me make one prediction that I feel certain will come true. In five years we'll look back at rotating hard disc drives the same way that we look at floppy discs today. Long live SSDs (solid state drives)!

Click on the graphic then click again for a higher-res version or try here.

Click on the graphic for a larger version
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Anonymous said...

I love it, but is there a higher res version of the graphic?

Rand Bliss said...

Thanks for this Bobby. True, sometimes we have to stop and reflect how, what some consider typical or unimportant and take for granted, can and will continue to change and evolve for the better. I concur about the SSD's, but truly hope some day we discover and learn how to fully utilize our own incredible human brain's capacity for 'storage' and somehow develop the ability to archive, retrieve and manifest anything we choose instantly. Now that'd be progress, eh?

Bobby Owsinski said...

A link to a higher res graphic is now posted at the end.


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