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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Gibson Tonewood Debacle

I've posted several times in the past about the raids on the Gibson factory in Nashville by Department of Justice officials over an alleged violation of the Lacey Act. The Lacey Act has the noble intention of trying to preserve endangered materials like some of the imported woods sometimes used in guitars, but unfortunately the interpretation of the law seems to have been twisted beyond practical boundaries. Here's a great video describing the situation in detail, and where it stands today.

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CaptainVictory said...

This is just another symptom of an overgrown Federal government.

I'm a lawyer and the sheer volume of statutes and regulations -- to say nothing of the court and administrative decisions interpreting them (often in conflicting ways) -- is nothing short of frightening. Everyone reading this has probably violated some form of Federal law within the last month.

Just because something is a good idea doesn't mean it has to become Federal law.

Anonymous said...

Someone really should point out to the environmental investigator that "no intention to enforce the Lacy Act" and "not a violation of the Lacy Act" are not the same thing. The government is free to reverse it's position at any time.


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