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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ready For A MacBook Fragrance?

Guitar case air freshener from Bobby Owsinski's Big Picture production blog
Everyone loves that new car smell, and we've all seen those air fresheners that clone the aroma. Now an art group out of Australia has created the scent of the the packaging of a brand new Apple MacBook Pro being opened for the first time.

Melbourne based Gavin Bell, Jarrah de Kuijer and Simon McGlinn approached the fragrance company Air Aroma to recreate the smell, which they were able to do by combining the scents of glue, plastic, rubber and paper (not exactly your most aromatic of smells). It turns out that Air Aroma can make you a custom scent, and they've done so for Langham and Hilton Hotels, Dunhill and Toyota so far.

The scent is intended to only be used during an art exhibition in Melbourne, but it does bring up a number of fascinating possibilities. How about that new guitar smell when you open up a case for the first time? The woody smell of that new drum kit? The smell of the box when you open up a new hard drive? The "new studio" smell after construction?

Would you pay to have that smell around all the time? Would it be good for selling used gear? Is this a new possible revenue stream for Fender, Gibson, et al?

Question, questions. What do you think?


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