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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Virgin's Airport Studio

Let's say your flying back to the US and have a layover at Heathrow Airport in London and you have a song that you just can't wait to record or edit. Of course you can get your laptop or iPad out with a set of headphones, but sometimes you just have to get on a full Pro Tools X system to get some real work done.

Now there's a solution. Virgin Atlantic recently installed a studio "pod" in their Upper Class Lounge at Terminal 3 at Heathrow. The studio is aimed at the many music celebrities that regularly fly from London to the US, as is designed much like one of their sleeper pods found in Virgin's upper class cabins.

The downside is that there's only one of them, so you might have to wait your turn, and that they really don't have a traditional studio manager or tech. The idea is that if you're able to fly Virgin Upper Class, you probably know your way around PT X already.

The first band to use the suite was aptly named Cloud, who used it to edit their first single.

Without seeing it for myself, I can't say whether this is a good idea or if it's implemented well, but it is intriguing. With the number of times that I've tried to get some work done under a deadline while traveling, I could definitely have used it.

Anyone get a look at this or use it yet?


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