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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Career Tips From Henry Rollins

Ex-Black Flag lead singer Henry Rollins has gone on to so much after the band broke up, to being an author, actor, television and radio host, to solo artist. In this video Henry tells of his humble beginnings scooping ice cream in Washington DC, to how he got his break, to the personal secrets that lead to his many careers.

Take note that Henry doesn't consider himself to have a lot of talent, but his tips on how he's overcome that to have any carrer at all are priceless.


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SCULLEY said...

Great. Thanks.

Rand Bliss said...

One can't help but love, respect and be inspired by this giant of a man, who lives and breathes truth to his art and intentions. Nietzsche had you in mind all along Henry;-)

Mr. Rollins, there aren't enough hats to take off to you in appreciation for 'walking the talk.' Wishing you long life, health, satisfaction and all the success you truly deserve. Bless you...


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