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Monday, July 23, 2012

How Many Songs Use These 4 Chords?

Melody makes the song, although sometimes that's difficult to believe if you're part of the EDM (electronic dance music) world. While you can read the frequent song analysis posted here to illustrate the fact, here's a video that proves it nicely. Hear how many well-known hits are built around the I-VIm-V-IV chord pattern (that's the typical C-Am-G-F pattern if you're not familiar with Nashville notation).

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VIOZ said...

Aaawww... the first pattern I discovered... and hated, because it's lazy...

Anonymous said...

I think they're actually playing I V vi IV, not I vi IV V...but both progressions are seriously overused. Either way, though, an awesome (and hilarious) video that highlights both how easy it is to get lazy as a songwriter, but also that sometimes the biggest hits are the simplest songs. Thanks for sharing, Bobby!

Unknown said...

These are I V vi IV.


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