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Monday, December 3, 2012

How To Play Funk

Here's a great clip from Herbie Hancock's Rock School series about how to play funk. It features some greats like Larry Graham, Bootsy Collins and Nile Rogers as they show in slow motion how to bring the funk. Rock School ran on PGS from 1985 through 1988.


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Jacco said...

I knew the Bootsy clip, but I never realized that it was part of a series. This is great. The slow, non flashy talks are really funny and inspiring at the same time. Great share!

Jef Knight said...

I think this was produced my TV Ontario, with a gov't grant.

My dad showed up at my apartment one day with the whole package he'd bought through the teevee.

At the time I was touring with a fairly prominant country-rock band and doing sideman jobs for up and coming artists like TJMiles and Clint Black. Everyone seemed to like the way I could cross Eddie VanHalen with Chet Atkins.

But while I was getting write-ups like, "best live guitarist I've ever seen" my dad never understood/didn't like my style of playing.

So, he got me Rock School in a "serious" attempt to further my education. He really wanted me to play Allen Sherman and George Formby, but I don't think Rock School covered those


Bobby Owsinski said...

Very cool, Jef.

Steve A. Roonie said...

Takes me back to my 20's...


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