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Monday, January 7, 2013

All Robot Band Plays Motorhead

Here's an all robot band aptly titled "Compressorhead" playing a cover of Motorhead's "Ace Of Spades." While I appreciate the technology that went into making these robots actually play the song, it's also a great example of why it's so hard to replace humans with machines when it comes to real playing. So much of this sounds like moving furniture even though the notes are right. Let's just say that the technology isn't quite there yet.


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jef knight said...

LOL...nice on.

And they're just as bad as many of the bands that come my way...hehehe


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bobby! In addition to lacking the intangible "feel" that comes from human musicians, I'm guessing these robots probably haven't written any of their own songs either! Lots of people (and now, a few select robots) can learn to play a great song, but it takes that special someone to have the "vision" of the song in their head and translate it into reality. Surely musicianship is very important, but the core of great music will always go back to songwriting (in my opinion.)


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