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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

NAMM 2013 Overview Part 4 - The Oddities

One of the best parts about NAMM is some of the things you see on the floor that don't seem to fit into any category. Most of these are usually found in what's affectionately known as "Inventors Row" down in the basement in Hall E. It's also sometimes known as "The Chapter 11 Hall," meaning that most of the exhibitors will probably be out of business by the time NAMM comes around again next year. I don't know about that so much, but here are a number of unusual offerings that caught my eye.

Here's a number of guitars that had their bodies made by a 3D printer. The company that made these is called 3D Systems, and they won "Best of Show" from Yahoo Finance. If you don't know already, 3D printing is the future. Just like everyone had to have a real printer in 1990 and a cell phone a decade later, the same will happen in the 3D world. You've been warned.

Next we have an interesting rotary key instrument that shrieked like a banshee as it was actually electric and plugged into a distorted amp. Didn't get the name of the company since I was so befuddled.

Teac (the mother company of Tascam) presented an interesting version of a boombox (or maybe it's a clock radio?) with retro styling. I didn't know that people still bought these things.

Now for something completely practical. Here's a USB flash drive duplicator from EZ Dupe. Want to get your music out there? No one can refuse a free flash drive.

Here's one of the weirder ones. It's a gallery of artist in-ear monitors by Ultimate Ears (I think). I'm not so sure that I want to know what the ear canal of my favorite music celeb or athlete is like.

Finally, here's a display for "man-made ivory" picks that are harmonically tuned to suite your music by TUSQ. Don't know how much of that I buy, but they felt pretty good, and at least they have some out-of-the-box marketing.

That's it for this year's NAMM show. Now that January's near over, we can all get back to business.


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Anonymous said...

I knew NOTHING about 3D-printing! That is amazing. Revolutionary. Incredible.

Business said...

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Professional and Commercial Grade DVD, CD, & Blu-Ray automated and manual Tower Duplicators, Copiers and Printers....
flash duplicator

Jef Knight said...

It's great that you are covering some of the new stuff at the show.
Always cool to see these offerings.


Tony said...

It's called a wheelharp

Sounds pretty unique too!!


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