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Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Music Gear Monday: Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Series

Today's post is probably only for a limited number of guitar aficionados who are Eric Clapton fans and have deep pockets. In conjunction with Guitar Center, Fender, Gibson and Martin, Clapton has authorized a limited number of "Crossroads Series" guitars modeled after some of his most famous instruments.

One that may have particular interest is a replica of "Brownie," EC's sunburst Fender Strat with the worn maple neck made famous during his Derek and the Dominos and Layla days. There's also a model of "Lucy," the refinished Les Paul Gold Top that he gave to George Harrison that was used on The White Album and Abbey Road, as well as a number of Martin 000's that he used as well.

These don't come cheap, with Brownie and Lucy coming in at $15k each and the Martins at $5k, but they are limited editions, so they'll probably hold their values. Each guitar comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Eric, a DVD of Eric discussing the guitar, and a CD box set of the songs it was used on. Here's a great video of Clapton trying out the new Brownie and doing some reminiscing.


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1 comment:

Jacco said...

I'm sorry but this is theft from not so innocent people... He just refrained from saying that he just bought a worn out pawn shop guitar., he just said it ;)

Sure, it's probably a great guitar, but 15k? We're talking about a NEW strat. The argument that all greats played them is flawed because it was all they've got.


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