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Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Musical Genre Overview

This is one of the coolest interactive sites you'll ever find. Want to know the genealogy of different music genres? Just about every type of musical genre you can think of is included (like chillwave, cowpunk, slow core and mbalax, to name a few of the more obscure ones). Click on any genre and you'll see who the practitioners are.


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Umi said...

Definitely cool! I'm probably going to be exploring this the whole day.

steve harvey said...

Some curious examples offered; too many to list here. But Supertramp is progressive rock, apparently. Wow.

Robert Mengel said...

Amazing. I have long envisioned such an assembly of examples. I actually stumbled upon this looking for teaching ideas. I will definitely keep this in my bookmarks. You should create a map like this for song subject matter, song topics, etc.. you should... because you're awesome... and I'm too lazy. just kidding, I'll help. Very very impressed and curious how you pulled this off and how long it took. Guess ill check out the rest of the site!


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