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Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Music Gear Monday: Zoom H6 Digital Recorder

A number of years ago I presented the specifications for a pro level handheld digital recorder I designed to a respected manufacturer of electronic devices. "There's not a big enough market. Not enough people have a need," I was told. They should have listened. Flash forward about ten years and the hand-held recorder has become a standard accessory for every single musician, producer recording engineer, not to mention videographer. While stereo digital recorders predominate, now Zoom has one-upped everyone else in the market with their new H6 6 track digital recorder.

This is one of the coolest devices ever. It has 6 recordable channels, 4 with mic preamps and two from the onboard mic (although you can change the mic with a module that has two additional inputs), it records up to 96kHz, and it's layout is far more streamlined than you'd expect a device like this to be. Plus you can change the X/Y stereo mic, with a shotgun or an MS mic, along with the aforementioned dual input module.

The price is $399, and supposedly it will be in stores in July. Check out this video, which explains all.


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Jef Knight said...

If it sounds as good as I hope it does then this is the coolest thing I've seen in years, hands down.


Hookjaw Brown said...

Way kewl. I have a Zoom H2, couldn't make music without it. The Q3 makes high quality sound videos. I wonder if they will make an H6 with HD video.....

Rand Bliss said...

I've had the Zoom H4n for a couple of years now and it's an amazing device; definitely the 'Swiss Army Knife' of recording and with pristine sound from even the incredibly sensitive on-board Mics.

This newer model certainly deserves a closer look & listen.

Zoom keep coming up with more innovative ideas than most companies are willing to admit towards catching up with...

(No, I'm not an employee or an official endorser. Just like sharing good news;-)

Gian Nicola Beraldo said...

Six input and that's ok. But whom need six input doesnt use zoom products. Is it completely made of palstic? I think it needs a cover to prevent involontary movement of the knobs. I would love to have the time code in and out, wordclock and a cardioid dynamic capsule for real ENG in noisy room. But hey, like Jagger sang.. I cant get no satisfatction..
That being said, I love Zoom recorders, I am sure they can made the perfect recorder.
Thank you Bobby I love your blog.

efandy said...

Will it really be able to write all 8 channels to SD at 96KHz/24Bit?


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