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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Coolness Of Metronomes In Snyc

Today you'll see more of a science project than a musical one, although it uses metronomes. Did you ever start two metronomes at the same time and try to get them in sync? Pretty hard to do, if not impossible. Watch this video to see how not 2, but 5 metronomes are made to move perfectly in sync.

How is it done? It's actually all in the shelf holding the metronomes, which absorbs their motion and starts to move. As the shelf rocks, it affects the metronomes on top. The metronomes in time with the shelf rocking keep doing so, while the ones out of sync have their motions dampened until they're in sync with the shelf, and aligned with the other metronomes.

Pretty cool, right?

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1 comment:

Rand Bliss said...

Obviously someone with too much 'time' on their hands;-)


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