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Monday, September 23, 2013

Company Presses Human Ashes Into Records

Human ashes in vinyl image
Here's something for the passionate lifelong musician who wants to be part of music beyond the grave. A company called And Vinyly (rhymes with "And Finally") will take your cremated remains and press them into a 12 inch vinyl record complete with the music of your choice.

The service isn't cheap at $4,600 for 30 records, but when you think about it, this may make more sense that having your ashes sitting in an urn somewhere.

According to an article on, the service has only been provided to four customers so far, but those stories are fairly interesting. One supposedly was for a DJ who's family wanted him "to be played at his favorite clubs a few more times." Another was recorded telling jokes about his family. To each his own, I guess.

All I can say to this is here's to one more thing that you can't do digitally.

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