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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Doors "Light My Fire" Isolated Guitar And Organ

"Light My Fire" by The Doors is one of those iconic American rock songs that has survived 40+ based largely on it's raw energy and great playing. Even though the album version of the song clocked in at 7 minutes and highlighted the band at their improvisational best, the edited 2:52 single without the solos is what got them on the radio and expanded their fan base when the song came out in 1967.

The song was largely written by guitarist Robbie Krieger, with just a few lyric additions by vocalist Jim Morrison. Here's a listen to the more or less isolated guitar and organ from the song.

1. The band is tight and dynamic, which you can really hear throughout the song. In fact, it's the perfect lesson in dynamics for all bands in the way the group leaves space for the vocals in the verse by backing off in intensity, raises it the choruses, and brings it up even more during the peaks in the solo and the last chorus.

2. There are a number of small mistakes and misfingerings by both guitarist Krieger and the late organist Ray Manzerek, but they blend in with the intensity of the song. You can even say that in many ways they make the song sound as "organic" as it does, which is ultimately what pulls your ear in.

3. I'm not sure if the audio for this video was extracted from the original or remastered version, but the original album version was unintentionally slowed down by 3.5%, which was corrected on the reissue.


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