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Monday, December 30, 2013

Is JamBandit A Game Or Musical Instrument?

Is it possible for an app to be both a game and musical instrument, or neither? On some level, JamBandit is very cool, as it takes an existing hit song and allows you to play along with an appropriate instrument via the screen on your iOS device. You always stay in tune, you can hold a note as long as you want, play a lick, change the vibrato, and have the general power over the performance, but is that actually performing?

Watch the video and decide for yourself, and please share your views below.


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1 comment:

Doug Mitchell said...

I had dreams about just such an "alien" instrument when I was a very young boy back in the early 70's.

My gut reaction : cool!

Now, to the real question, is it performing?

To borrow a useful "German-ism", Yein. (yes AND no)

In a classical sense, hell no. But in a contemporary sense, making use of the musical technology available to us today, it certainly contains an element of performance.

I'll wager Bach & Beethoven would have thought it most excellent as a performance device, if we could transport an i-Whatever and the other necessary bits to an earlier century.

Definitely not for the "purists". I can't see Jack White using one on stage anytime soon. But being able to hammer like Jan with nothing but a thumb is pretty f-in cool if you ask me.

Now, back to my keys & strings...


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