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Sunday, February 16, 2014

New Music Gear Monday: iZotope BreakTweaker

I don't know how I missed this at NAMM, but it's certainly been the talk of anyone into electronic music since the show. BreakTweaker, created by my buddy BT and the clever folks at iZotope, is called a Future Beat Machine and for good reason. The app can do things that no other piece of software on the market can do, at least for the moment.

Combining a precision sequencer, advanced drum sound generator based on morphing wavetable synthesis (with up to 36 oscillators, 4 LFO's and a vast array of modulation possibilities), and a micro-editor that allows you to slice up any step into thousands of smaller pieces, BreakTweaker looks to be one of the breakthroughs of the year (I still can't believe I missed it at the show) when it comes to making beats.

There's a NAMM special going on for $199 for basic app and $249 for the expanded version. In my opinion, it looks to be worth every penny. Check out the introduction video.


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