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Sunday, March 30, 2014

New Music Monday: Output Rev Reverse Instrument

If you ever wanted to play something in reverse you know that the process can sometimes be frustrating. It's not too hard to turn around something around in a DAW, but manipulating it to work with the track can become a time-consuming operation. Now comes Output Sounds' Rev, a software instrument dedicated to playing everything in reverse.

Rev comes with a full library of reversed sounds that can be used as either effects or pads, but can be highly manipulated with relative easy. The app consists of four engines; the Instruments engine lets you control the length and envelope of the sound. Timed Instruments let's you play things with dedicated note durations like whole, half and quarter so they easily sync with the track. Loops contains 15 banks of tempo-locked reverse loops. Rises provides a host of reverse envelopes that we all associate with backwards sounds.

For the sound designer, electronic musician, or anyone who wants to create new sounds, Rev is a must-have. It's $199, and requires a free Kontact player host to run.


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