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Sunday, June 15, 2014

New Music Gear Monday: Audiofile Spectre Metering Package

Audiofile Spectre metering package imageMetering is becoming more important than ever in just about every recording and mixing environment, but not every DAW has the metering necessary for every application. Now that deficiency can be easily and inexpensively rectified with Audiofile's latest Spectre metering package.

Spectre is filled with 20 different multichannel meters, including level, VU, spectragraph, spectrogram, oscilloscope, various phase meters, LU and more. You can have any or all meters open at once.

Spectre is a stand-alone package that sits on your desktop and can accept audio from a variety of sources, including your computer audio interface, so you always have a good idea of what's happening where it counts. The app is designed for OSX Mavericks and is Retina-ready.

Best of all, it's available right now for 50% off its retail price, so you can get it for an incredible $49.99. There's also a fully functional demo version available as well. It's a great deal and great bang for the buck. Check it out on the Audiofile website.

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