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Sunday, June 8, 2014

New Music Gear Monday: Eventide DDL-500 Delay Module

Eventide DDL-500 module image
We all love 500 series racks and modules. They're portable, and the mix and match factor can't be beat. Most modules have fallen into the mic pre, EQ or compressor categories, however, until now. Eventide has introduced its DDL-500 module, which finally puts a delay into a 500 rack space.

Eventide has a long history with digital delay, being one of the first companies to manufacture a rack mount unit (the model 1745) way back in 1970. The DDL-500 takes the best from that heritage and the best from modern technology to offer a module that's as analog as possible, with digital circuitry kept to a minimum.

The unit features 10 seconds of delay at 192kHz sample rate, which can be increased to 160 seconds at a lowered 16kHz rate. It also features soft saturation clipping, low pass filter, feedback control, insert loop, a relay bypass and up to a +20 boost.

Let's face it, delay plugins are great, but sometimes you just need that hardware sound to make a difference in your mix, and that's where the DDL-500 comes in. The Eventide DDL-500 retails for $899. See the specs and additional features on the Eventide site.

1 comment:

Robert Weber said...

Moog's had a 500-rack delay unit for at least 6 months - maybe a year. It can be controlled by software as a vst, too, which is cool.


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