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Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Music Gear Monday: Eventide Ultrachannel Channel Strip

Here's a cool plugin that you'll find useful for so many reasons. It's the Eventide Utrachannel channel strip that features a pair of dynamics processors that include an emulation of the famous Omnipressor, and a micropitch function from the Harmonizer. The plug also has a 5 band EQ, a gate, and a feature known as  FlexiPath, which allows routing of the different modules by just dragging and dropping.

I'm most excited about the micropitch function as that was the secret weapon used many engineers back in the hardware outboard gear days. If you have a uneven vocal, pitch one side up a 8 cents or so, and the other side down by the same amount, and suddenly it sounds more in tune. Great for widening background vocals, guitars, and anything else that requires a little extra magic.

Here's the best news though - Ultrachannel is free until July 8th, and then it goes back to its retail price of $249. Just go to the download page and use Access Code 07D96411. You must have an iLock account to be able to install the plug and take advantage of this free offer. The plug doesn't require you to use an iLok USB dongle, but you must use the iLok Manager for authorization. The plugin is 64 bit AAX, AU and VST compatible.

Don't pass this up, as it will be something that I guarantee you'll use on every mix.


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