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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Rolling Stones "Gimme Shelter" Isolated Parts

Here's a brilliant breakdown of the individual tracks from The Rolling Stones seminal "Gimme Shelter." I've posted isolated tracks from this song before, but they usually end up getting taken down by the record label, so check this one out while you can.

The difference in this video is that most of the individual elements are broken out and are soloed in combinations during the song. The video labels some of the parts incorrectly, but that really doesn't matter as it's fun to hear any of the parts by themselves. Here are some things to listen for:

1. The vocals really have a lot of reverb on them, although it all disappears in the final mix (which you never hear on this video).

2. Keith Richard's lead guitar plays through most of the song. You don't hear it in the final mix because it's either lowered or muted. He's also playing out of the pocket in the intro, not that it ever bothered anyone.

3. As the elements are soloed, listen for both the harp (harmonica) and the piano, which are somewhat buried in the final mix.



Fred Decker said...

Ha! I love it! This isn't the first time Bobby has analyzed this tune, and each time I learn something new!

I still love the chick singing on this -- Mary Clayton or something. She wails!

Thanks Bobby!

Rand said...

Thank you for this. Another great example of recording/capturing the moment while the inspirational fire is hot.

It's real music, and regardless the amount of rehearsal time in advance of recording (not too much for the Stones presumably), one can easily over-analyze things enough to kill the spark that makes for a legendary performance.

Get it in the first few takes or move on...


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