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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What To Do When The Song Is Over

Tom Jackson is one of the best coaches in the world when it comes to live stage performances, and has helped all sorts of performers improve their stage presence. Here are a number of suggestions he has about what to do when you end a song during a live performance. I bet that's a subject that you never thought about (I certainly hadn't), but he has some great ideas that are used by huge performers the world over if you pay attention.

His premise is that you ask the audience for applause at the end of a song non-verbally. Here's how.
  • Hold your ground onstage and don't back up. You can even take a couple of steps forward.
  • Pick a couple of people out in the audience and smile at them, nod at them, pump your fist at them, and generally just connect.
  • Singers should put the mic down to their side if they're hold it.
  • If you're standing behind a mic, step to the side so the audience doesn't think you're about to talk.
All this is designed to build applause momentum.

Equally as important is what not to do. Don't:
  • back up
  • turn your back on the audience
  • adjust your gear
  • talk to another band member
  • say "thank you" into the mic immediately after the song ends.
You can read more of the article on the Discmakers blog or check out Tom's website at

1 comment:

Mr CDs said...

Some great tips. You see so many performers do the things on the dont list. Especially saying thank you straight away or talking to other band members!


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