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Sunday, September 14, 2014

New Music Gear Monday: iCon Digital iControls Pro

While many have gotten used to mixing in the box with a mouse or trackball, some of us just have to have some faders under our fingers to feel comfortable. Unfortunately many of the mainstream DAW controllers can be way more money than a home studio can bear. That's why the iCon Digital iControls Pro may be the perfect solution in those situations.

The iControl Pro offers 8 motorized touch sensitive channel faders plus a master, as well as transport control, 9 encoder knobs and a jog wheel all in an ergonomic aluminum form factor. It also has solo and mute buttons for each channel, the ability to switch to different banks and layers, and DAW horizontal and vertical zoom controls. The unit has 2 USB inputs to allow for daisy chaining devices  using Mackie control for Ableton, Cubase, Samplitude and Logic Pro, and Mackie HUI control for Pro Tools. iMAP software also allows all of the controls to be mapped for MIDI too.

Best of all, iControl Pro only retails for $429 and streets for even less. Find out more about it on the iCon Digital site, as well as the company's other fine controllers. Check out the nice overview below from Sounds and Gear.



Scott said...

Going to have to get me one of these! Thanks!

Kris said...

Interesting! The build quality could be better though, unless the actual product is better in real life. Will try it out when it comes to Poland.


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