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Sunday, October 5, 2014

New Music Gear Monday: Behringer X32-CORE Mixer

We've seen a number of evolutionary steps through the years when it comes to mixing consoles in both live sound and the studio. If we just look at the broad picture, the first evolution came when analog mixers started to pack a large number of channels and 24 inputs was considered small. The next came when gates and compressors became standard on every channel. A big one came with digital consoles, and an even bigger one with consoles that were basically just computer controllers.

But another evolution is afoot with the new series of remotely controlled consoles via a phone or tablet like the new Behringer X32-Core and Presonus RM series mixers. Today we'll look just at the X32-Core, the guts of the company's very popular X32 mixer, which takes up a single rack space and supplies 40 inputs and 25 busses. The inputs are line in only, which isn't much of a problem in a studio using outboard mic preamps. For live, the X32-Core is set up to accept the S16 digital snake that has 16 remote controllable Midas preamps and 8 outputs. Additional S16s can be cascaded as needed.

The system also comes with a Virtual Rack of 8 stereo effects that emulate some great processors like the Lexicon 480, EMT 250 and PCM70, Quantec QRS and more. The whole thing can then be controlled via a free iPhone and iPad app.

All this is made possible thanks to the new era of networked digital audio that we now live in, where AES50 network protocol over CAT5e cable is the new norm. It also provides the ability to easily connect with other digital gear for either a standard mixer or monitor hardware interface, or personal monitor systems.

The best part is that the X32-Core has a street price of $799 and the S16 is $899. That's a lot of power for not much money. Check out the websites for the X32-Core and the S16.


1 comment:

Unknown said...


I think you might have gotten some bad info...

There aren't any line inputs on the Core, you'd actually need to have the Digital Snake to have any and connect it through the AES port on the back.

The Core alone would be of no use to you.

The way I'm understanding it is that the lowest you could go for any standalone operation is the X32 Rack. That at least as inputs on the back, which is a split between Line in and XLR.

With that said, I kind of didn't see much point to the X32 Core, it is too dependent on other units for there to be any real use.

Unless I'm mistaken...


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