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Sunday, October 19, 2014

New Music Gear Monday: Harrison Lineage Preamp

So many huge hits of the 70s were cut on Harrison consoles that we're all familiar with the sound even though we may not know it - AC/DC's Back In Black, Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, and Michael Jackson's Thriller just to name a few.

While Harrison no longer makes its iconic 32C series desks that those albums were cut on, it has re-released the preamps from that console, as well as those from other Harrison consoles as well with the new Lineage Preamp.

The Harrison Lineage is actually an 8 channel preamp that has a pair of preamps from each of the various eras of Harrison consoles. You get:
  • 2 channels of Harrison's latest Trion preamps
  • 2 channels of the famous 32C console preamps from the 70s/80s
  • 2 channels of preamps from its Series 10 consoles of the 80s/90s
  • 2 channels of preamps from its Series 12 consoles of the 90s/00s
While many customers would have gladly settled for 8 channels of 32C preamps, the Lineage is a unique take on preamp packaging, giving you 4 different sounds in the same 1U rack space.

The price of the Harrison Lineage 8 channel preamp is $2,995. You can find out more on the Harrison website or on the video below.



Nichole said...

The fixed gains, that he mentions in the video sounds pretty handy along with the variety preamps on this one strip. I understand that FM's Rumours was recorded in several different studios, including Wally Heider's(reknown for the API). So, remind me, did this studio also have the Harrison console or was that at one of the other studios?

Anonymous said...

So were these recorded AND mixed through a Harrison? If not, at which stage is more "color" imparted? These kinds of stories always confuse me. If it was recorded on a Harrison, but mixed on a Neve, how do we pass out the credit?

Bobby Owsinski said...

I don't think that the majority of tracks were cut on the Harrison, but I do know that FM used a lot of different studios during the making of the album.

Bruce Swedien liked the desk so much that he eventually purchased his own and still uses it.


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