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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The World's Largest Subwoofer

You think you've seen large subwoofers? Yeah, that sub bin with dual 18's is pretty big, and that 32 inch woofer is very impressive, but I don't think the world has seen anything like audio designer Roberto Dell Curti has dreamt up.

He's literally built his entire house around this sub, as each channel is 21 foot long and 3 feet deep. Each channel uses eight 18 inch woofers, but there's no word on how much power is used to drive them (I bet a lot). Dell Curti calls it the Real Total Horn.

It reportedly can reproduce down to 10Hz! I wonder if this causes the listener to loosen his bowels when the subs really get going?


DonH said...

The Royal Devices sub system typically runs about 6 watts peak power. He claims an efficiency of about 120 dB / 1 watt / 1 meter.

DonH said...

Additional info:
At the time of building, the sub amplifier was a 2x100w unit although he typically sees about 6W peak from the amp at his usual listening levels. The total rated power for the sub drivers is 6.4 Kw, for a theoretical SPL of 160 dB...

Dave Buerger said...

Fun riff on this thread is happening on TalkBass.com


SubSev7en said...

thanks alot for all this info


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