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Monday, November 10, 2014

A History Of Groove In 100 Bass Riffs

Have you ever wanted to briefly explain the history of popular music to someone that had no background? You know what a task that could be, but this video might make it a bit easier. It takes on history by providing 100 bass licks, thanks to Marc Naijar and Nate Bauman of the band Royale.

You can see a breakdown of all the songs and the gear used at 101 Bass

I scratched my head at a few of these choices, but overall they got it right. What do you think they left out?

A shout out to my buddy Jesse Siemanis for the heads-up on this.



fireflyva said...

I think a great bass line that should have been included is from the The Pretenders "My City Was Gone."

David said...

Love this, I'm going to use these to get my chops back up after years of not playing.

One minor note, the link is wrong. It should bet, not 101.


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