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Sunday, November 23, 2014

New Music Gear Monday: AEA Nuvo 8 Ribbon Microphone

Ribbon mics have made quite a comeback over the last 10 years to the point that most new ribbon mics that you buy are better than ever. The problem is that you have to go beyond about $1k to get a quality product. That barrier has recently been broken by Royer with its R101 and the AEA Nuevo 22. Now AEA takes the N22 one step further with a phantom powered version with the introduction of its new Nuevo 8.

The N8 uses the same Big Ribbon TM technology used in its famous R44 (the excellent reproduction of the original RCA 44) and couples an internal preamp to increase the output, so there's no need for a special hi-gain preamp that's often needed to raise the output of a ribbon mic up to a usable level. And it can take a ton of SPL without distortion, topping out at 141dB!

The N8 also utilizes a new sleeker design with a matte finish that's a lot less obtrusive than AEA's traditional mic bodies, so it's perfect for video shoots and getting into spots that aren't available to larger mics.

The AEA Nuevo 8 comes with a storage case and sleeve and has a street price of $1098. Check out the AEA website for more information.

Here's a great demo using two N8's as drum overheads and an R44 on the kick (just like the famous John Bonham setup).


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