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Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Doors "Light My Fire" Isolated Vocals

Here's an inside look at the song that broke The Doors from a local LA bar band into the national consciousness. It's the isolated vocals from "Light My Fire," from the The Doors first self-titled album. Here's what to listen for, beginning at 0:13. The vocal picks up again after the solos at 5:34.

1. Jim Morrison's vocal is positivity drenched in a long reverb that's slightly delayed. This may seem excessive, but it helps fill in the holes between the fairly sparse doors instrumental tracks of just keyboards/bass, drums and guitar.

2. Listen for the vocal double on the chorus ("Come on, baby, light my fire") and again on the last verse and outro.

3. The vocal is compressed a lot and you can hear every breath. This is the type of thing that might be taken out if recorded today, but it helps to give the vocal passion and urgency.



Tim Flanagan said...

He's a little pitchy on the releases, but I never noticed it in the final mix.

Nichole said...

It worked didn't? :) :)


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