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Friday, January 16, 2015

Engineer Wyn Davis On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast

Wyn Davis image
This week my Inner Circle Podcast features engineer Wyn Davis, who's worked with so many legacy rock artists, from Dio to Foreigner to Bad Company to Great White and many more.

Wyn also owns Total Access Recording, a great studio that I've had the pleasure of working in, and we'll talk about his thoughts on how a commercial studio can survive in these days where everyone has a home studio.

We'll also talk about how he gets those great guitar sounds that we just love so much on the records he does.

On the show intro, I'll talk about just exactly what the product is in our new music business, as well as the most popular keys and chords used in hit songs today.

Remember that you can find the podcast either on 
iTunes or at, and now also on Stitcher

1 comment:

Christoph said...

Hi Bobby -

On the topic of the new music industry, in 2012 I worked for a start-up called BandPage. Their lynchpin contribution to the music industry was a feature called "Experiences" that any BandPage member could create for their fans. In other words, exactly what you described in the intro to this podcast. When launched the product, we hooked up a bell to the servers so that whenever a fan bought an experience, it would ding the bell. For the first two weeks the bell went off constantly, then less and less and less. Eventually we turned it off because it was depressing.

It's an interesting idea but it seemed that the bands, big name acts, that didn't need it were the only ones that had any success at it. Maybe the idea was too early for its time, but is certainly a worthwhile experiment for any musician to try.




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