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Friday, January 9, 2015

Master Mixer Andrew Scheps On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast

Andrew Scheps image
I'm very pleased to have the one and only Andrew Scheps on my latest Inner Circle podcast. Andrew has a long list of great mixing credits, from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Adele to Metallica to Justin Timberlake and many more, and is one of uber-producer Rick Rubin's go-to mixers.

You can hear us talk about everything from mixing in the box, to parallel compression, to his approach to recording, to Andrew's very cool presentation on hi-res audio.

On the show intro, I'll talk about the study to find out who is actually buying all the vinyl that's being sold, and the super quick way to a onstage monitor mix or studio cue mix.

Remember that you can find the podcast either on iTunes or at, and now also on Stitcher.

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Anoop said...

I just sent you an email with some suggestions. Ia m checking to see if you ever got the email.



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