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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

For The Studio That Needs 48 Mac Pros In A Single Cabinet

Cyberlink Mac Pro Vault imageA company called Cyberlink has found a way to stuff 48 of the new trashcan Mac Pros into a single cabinet, providing a huge amount of networked Mac power to anyone who needs it. The Milwaukee-based company owns a data center and provides dedicated servers and hosting.

The racks, which the company calls "Mac Pro Vaults," are a thing of beauty, with 6 slide-out shelves that containing 8 Mac Pros each for a total of 48. Each shelf has separate hot and cold exhaust manifolds complete fans and heat sensors to keep the computers running at an optimum temperature.

Let's say you need around 30,000 DAW tracks and want one of these for your studio. Sorry, but you can't buy it, as the company only designs them for its own data centers, although you can rent time on the system starting at $50 per month.

All kidding aside, this is something that the film dubbing stages might want to take a look at, as a typical major motion picture uses 6 computers hosting around 2,000 tracks on the mixing stage, according to Hollywood sound designer Scott Martin Gershin on an upcoming Inner Circle podcast.

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