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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hollywood Sound Designer Scott Martin Gershin On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast

Scott Martin Gershin image
This week on my Inner Circle Podcast I'm pleased to have my good friend sound designer Scott Martin Gershin. Scott has worked on some of the biggest Hollywood blockbuster films including Pacific Rim, Gladiator, Star Trek, Hellboy and about a hundred others. He's also worked on a number of television shows and video games (including Final Fantasy and Resident Evil), so he's seen it all when it comes to working at the highest levels in a town that only wants the best.

Scott will give you some inside info on field recording (especially getting realistic gunshot sounds) as well as his thoughts on going to the mix stage with 2,000 tracks of audio across 6 Pro Tools rigs!

On the intro I'll talk about why opening acts for big concert acts lose money as well as a number of tools under $100 that will help boost your productivity.

Remember that you can find the podcast either at, or on iTunes or Stitcher

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