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Monday, March 23, 2015

New Music Gear Monday: Radial Reamp JCR Reverse DI

Radial Reamp JCR image
One of the cooler studio tricks is recording a clean signal from an electric guitar along with the amp sound, then using that later to change the sound by sending the recorded track to another amplifier.

This really helps both the player and the engineer in that you don't have to burn either out trying to get a great sound to fit the track while recording. Just get something that works for the moment and change it later to fit as needed.

The clever people at Radial Engineering have come up with a great way to do that with their Reamp JCR box, which has all the features needed to make the operation happen both quickly and easily.

The Reamp JCR is actually a reverse direct box in that it takes a signal from your recording device via an XLR cable, then sounds it out to the amp via a 1/4" jack. The box also features phase invert and ground lift switches on the input side, and a filter control switch, mute and level control pot on the output side.

While you'd think that you could just use a regular direct box to do this, you won't find this level of control on a normal DI and it won't sound as good because the impedance isn't optimized for an amp. The Reamp JCR features a custom wound transformer to take care of that.

The Radial Reamp JCR retails for $199 and is built like a tank (just like all the other radial gear). No studio should be without one.

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Anoop said...

Saw your interview on Lynda about ZR acoustics. Would love to see a blog post about it.

Does it really work? their website is just unreadable!


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