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Friday, May 29, 2015

Dire Straits "Money For Nothing" Isolated Guitar Track

Money For Nothing cover image
The song that turned Dire Straits into international superstars came in the form of the giant hit "Money For Nothing" from their 1985 album Brothers In Arms album. The song hit MTV at it's peak in 1987 and seemed to play every hour.

The song was distinctive in that it has an unusual guitar sound, especially for guitarist Mark Knopfler, who usually plays through a Strat. In this case the sound comes from a Les Paul through a Laney amplifier, but the real secret is the wah-wah set to half-way to give it that mid-rangey sound.

Here's what to listen for.

1. The song begins with the the guitar covered in a short reverb, but then goes dry for the rest of the song.

2. The guitar is in stereo until the chorus, at which point it's doubled and stays that way from that point on.

3. If you're used to hearing the edited radio version, this is the extended album version, so it goes much longer and the guitar parts are a lot looser as the song gets towards the end.

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