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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How To Build A Shipping Container Studio

shipping container image
Here's a novel idea that many have dreamed about that was actually brought to fruition. If you've built a studio before, then moved, you know that all the construction you did stays where it's at. A way around this is to build it in a standard size shipping container, which is what Mike Dever did.

A container can be had for around $1500 to $2000, and after the studio is finished, you can take it with you anywhere to move to from then on. It's a little cramped, but still highly usable.

This video gives you a good idea about the various stages of construction. You can also find out more details on building your own studio from my Studio Builders Handbook.


Dave Lopez said...

Wow! That turned out nice. I was going to do the same thing recently but shied away from the idea because I thought for sure it would be too cramped. Although, I don't have the carpenter skill or vision that Mike has so my own limitations lead me in another direction. Excellent job, Mike!

As always, thanks for the post, Bobby.

Unknown said...

This is a great tutorial! But you make is sound like it's so easy to get your hands on a shipping container, or the space to put the container once your studio has been set up! Haha!


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