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Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Next Step Beyond Touchscreens

Project Solis image
DAW controllers keep advancing in capabilities, and many feel today that the touchscreen will soon be the ultimate controller. Google Advanced Technologies And Products Group (ATAP) think there's another step beyond touchscreens with their Project Soli, which uses radar to provide virtual controllers just about anywhere.

What's even more impressive is that they've actually slimmed down the electronics into a single microchip that has no controls connected to it, so it's extremely reliable.

Imagine how this will effect your workflow for a second, since you'll always have the ideal control at your fingertips. Think of the price of new devices employing this technology as well, as the things that tend to cost the most are controls like potentiometers and other physical controls. As a result, the price would come down even further than it is today.

This could open up a whole new world of control to all things audio, and it looks like it's right around the corner. Check out the video.

1 comment:

John R said...

This will take playing the Air Guitar to a new level :)


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