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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Use An Audio Tone To Share Your URL

Google Tone image
I'm not so sure how useful this is, but Google has built a way for you to share your URL via an audio tone. It's called Google Tone and it will work with any computer using Chrome and the Google Tone extension.

What happens is that if you click on the Tone icon, it sends out an audio tone that will be detected by other audio computers in the room, which would then switch their browsers to the same URL.

Apparently the Google Research team worked pretty hard on this. The first codec sounded so horrible that no one would use it. The second codec was beyond the range of hearing, and some built-in computer microphones wouldn't track it.

This current codec uses a system that most telephone systems use called dual-tone multi-frequency signaling, which is much more pleasant to the ear and much more effective as well.

You can download the extension here if you're interested.

Can anyone think of a use for this?


Nichole said...

Logical or illogical assessment... it doesn't matter. The feeling of that sounds odd to me. Second codec that's like dog hearing? Hum... that's not coincendental. I hate to think this way, but I would say be wary especially of the remote access of commercial airlines and other things. May we all be kept out of harms way.

Rand said...

No, I think the R&D money could be better spent on much more practical and useful things than a computer with a new dog whistle.

Never confuse education with intelligence.

Nichole said...

LOL, that's not what I meant, how I responded, or even alluded to.

Always interesting when people think they are so intelligent,quick to assume,don't have Real Listening Skills, and just love to shoot a messenger.

Your version coercion
My version elixir of quietude
Line up the dots...

Unknown said...

I see a lot of uses for this in classrooms, where the teacher can get every student on the same (web)page quickly and efficiently. Also see this being useful in a social setting where someone is trying to communicate a URL from a desktop to their phone's browser to carry with them - could be quicker than a text.


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