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Monday, September 21, 2015

New Music Gear Monday: Ampeg PF50T Portoflex Bass Amp

Ampeg PF50T bass head image
For many years, the legendary Ampeg B-15 (or the smaller B-12) has been one of the most revered bass amps used on hit records because of its big round tone.

The Portoflex feature (which allowed you to flip the head over into the cabinet for easy transport) didn't matter much in the studio, except it seemed to add something to the sound that everyone really liked.

Ampeg has gone through a lot of management changes through the years, and the amps have changed along with it with the replacements being much higher than the 50 watts of the original B-15.

Now Ampeg has reintroduced a new 50 watt version that claims to have reproduced all the subtleties of the original unit with the new PF50T.

The PF50T is an all-tube head with a host of modern features including a 5 position mid control, ultra hi and low boost, input gain control, and 0 or -15dB inputs. The unit also has a transformer balanced preamp balanced line out with a ground lift as well as a preamp line out that can be taken either pre or post EQ.

Other cool thing about the PF50T is that it can be used with no speaker load without causing any damage, so it can be used as the ultimate DI. Plus it features user-adjustable bias control for easy tube replacement.

The Ampeg PF50T has an MSRP of $1259.99, while a smaller 20 watt version called the PF20T, is available for $839.99. A match cabinet, the PF-112HLF is available for $519.99.

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