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Monday, September 14, 2015

New Music Gear Monday: Roland System 100 Software Synth

Roland System-100 Plut-Out software Synth image
Back when synthesizer technology was young, the Roland semi-modular Model 101 synthesizer and 102 expander unit was a favorite of many keyboard players because of it fat sounding oscillators, sample and hold, and ring modulator.

Roland recently introduced a software version of this great synth called the SYSTEM-100 Plug-Out that reproduces all of the features, patching and sound of the revered hardware version.

SYSTEM-100 also combines the features of the 102 expander, along with integrated reverb, delay, phasor and arpeggiator.

While the old analog synth required patchcords to connect the various modules and single paths, the SYSTEM-100 software uses a matrix with virtual patchcords to accomplish the same thing with ease.

The Roland SYSTEM-100 is available in for Windows or Mac in VST, AU and Plug-Out configurations, and includes a free trial period. It's retail price is $195.

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