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Friday, October 23, 2015

Dio "Holy Diver" Isolated Vocal

Ronnie James Dio image
Time for another isolated track, and this one is the metal classic "Holy Diver" from Dio.

I remember Ronnie Dio from way back in the day as our bands used to share a bill together around New York (Ronnie was then the bass player with Elf). I ran into him years later out in Los Angeles and he was still as cool as ever. A great talent and gentleman and genuinely missed by everyone who knew him.

The sound isn't all that great on this video, but there are still a few things to listen for.

1. Listen for the nice long delayed reverb on Ronnie's vocal. The tone of it is shaped nicely as it blends seamlessly into the mix.

2. There's a lot of headphone leakage, and the compression is pretty heavy but still works in the track. There's also a fair amount of breath noises and pops that aren't too obvious because of the tone of the audio track.

3. There's a bit of sibilance from the compression, but it may be emphasized by the data compression on the video.

4. Take notice to the harmony vocals on the second verse and beyond to help the song develop.

5. Ronnie's pitch is excellent throughout. I'm told he didn't need to do a lot of takes or to punch in mistakes much. That's pure talent you're listening to.

6. There's a nice doubled rhythm guitar track in stereo during the solo section.

1 comment:

Emanuel said...

Great song, great artist. RIP!


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