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Monday, December 21, 2015

New Music Gear Monday: Slate Raven MTi2 Multi-Touch Controller

Slate Raven MTi2When the original Slate Raven MTi hit the scene, the music production world was taken by storm by this new innovative approach to mixing. Just like mixing in-the-box, many engineers initially resisted touch screen mixing since it was so radically different than what they were used to. The initial price of a large touch screen interface was also a barrier.

That's not the case any more, as Slate introduced the Raven MTi2, a 27 inch multi-touch screen display that has a lot of things going for it that should make it much more attractive to mixers everywhere.

Probably the biggest thing about the new MTi2 is the price, which is only $999. If you've ever tried to price a good 27 inch monitor, you know that this is already in the ballpark for the monitor by itself, let along one with multi-touch control.

But the brains behind the MTi2 is the new Raven 3.0 software, which allows control over every major DAW, including Ableton Live, Cubase/Nuendo, Digital Performer, Logic Pro X, Protools 10-12, and Studio One V3 on Mac as well as PC compatibility for Protools 10-12 for the first time.

The Raven 3.0 software also features the new Batch Command System, which is a series of preset and customizable buttons that can execute up to 1,000 key commands and mouse clicks automatically. With just one button, BCS allows you to create instant headphone sends, name tracks, put entire drum tracks on the grid, export stems, and so much more! The BCS comes pre-programmed with 100 preset batch commands in every supported DAW, with layouts for music, mastering, post-production and more.

The Slate Raven MTi2 comes with 1 supported DAW, and requires USB2 and DVI ports on your computer.

Check out the Slate Raven MTi2 on its dedicated web page, and also in the more detail in the following video.

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