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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ultrasonic Mic Breakthrough Made From Graphene

Graphene Microphone DiaphragmJust like loudspeakers, basic microphone technology hasn't changed much in a hundred years or so. We have our dynamic, ribbon and condenser types, with the occasional exotic laser or flame modulation technology thrown in every so often.

Researchers at Serbia-based Dirigent Acoustics along with the University of Belgrade haven't changed the technology in the way a condenser microphone captures sound, but they have changed the diaphragm material to graphene, and with great results.

Not only has the team created the world's smallest condenser microphone, but one that's strong and flexible with a frequency response up to 1MHz.

The diaphragm used is just 25 nanometers thin (most condenser mics are around 2 microns, or 2000 nanometers) and was originally housed in a standard B&K capsule that replaced the standard capsule using a typical nickel-based diaphragm.

This could provide a quantum leap in a microphone's ability to capture sounds with more realistic results thanks to vastly increased transient response. Can a graphene based loudspeaker be far behind?

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flip said...

Hey Bob,

Researchers have already developed a graphene speaker.

Article about it:
Researchers paper here:


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