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Friday, February 26, 2016

Louis Johnson Isolated Slap Bass

Louis Johnson isolated bass imageHere's a very cool example of 80's slap bass played by Louis Johnson on the Brothers Johnson hit "Strawberry Letter 23." The best part is that you get to hear the bass by itself, then hear it with the full band minus the drums from the 4:20 mark.

Here's what to listen for.

1. Slap bass is one of the most difficult instruments to record because of its transients, but Norm Kinney did a great job here. Most every note has the same level and intensity.

2. The feel of the part is great. The groove is incredibly strong, as is the timing.

3. You can barely hear the click during the spaces around 1:28.

4. Listen to how it fits into the track at 4:20.

1 comment:

Stayboy said...

Thanks Bobby -

Always love to hear famous isolated parts like that. He was a monster player.


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