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Sunday, October 31, 2010

"More Than A Feeling" Boston Isolated Vocals

Staying with our isolated vocal theme from last week, have a listen to old The Boston hit "More Than A Feeling" from Boston's self-titled first album. Boston's late singer Brad Delp was one of rock's most unheralded talents, with a powerful voice with an impressive range, which is one of the reasons that I'd like to expose this to those that maybe haven't appreciated him in the past. Give the video some time, since it's silent until about 22 seconds in.

1) Delp's vocals are doubled, but not that closely. This is another case where the vocals would have been fixed if done today.

2) The reverb is rather plain, and has a bit of a "boing" to it that you can hear on the fade at :43. It sounds like an EMT plate that hasn't been tuned lately.

3) The sound of the vocal isn't exactly what I'd call "hi-fi." It's a bit cloudy and distorted, but then again, the monitoring wasn't that great in the mid-70s for anyone to tell.

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Unknown said...

One of the best rock vocals. Bobby, do you also have access to the backing vocal track?

Brad said...
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Brad said...
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Larry said...


So glad I found you on FB. I love your blog here. I am a HUGE Boston fan and I consider their first album to be the greatest debut album of all time.

What a vocal gift Brad had. Thank the lucky stars that Tom and Brad hooked up. If only Don't Look Back had been given enough time to simmer before it was released by the label.

Many thanks. He is missed..



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