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Monday, November 1, 2010

"Bark At The Moon" Ozzie Osbourne Isolated Vocal

Ozzie Osbourne gets more love as a celebrity than as a vocalist, but a listen to the isolated vocals from "Bark At The Moon" from his Bark At The Moon album proves that Oz has a better voice than ever given credit for. Here are some things to listen for.

1) The vocals are very well produced in that the vocal is pretty much in tune (there are a few places where he drifts out though), and the double is very recorded very close to the lead.

2) The sound of the vocal is pretty good. It's consistent without being too compressed, and has a nice medium reverb on it.

3) The keyboards that you hear along with the vocals are a bit of a surprise as they're pretty much buried in the final mix of the track. As with many rock tracks, the keyboards are there for support and add a bit of glue to the track that you can't get with distorted guitars.

4) It sounds like isolated vocals were obtained using the "flip the phase on the one of the stereo sides" trick since you hear so many other instruments along with the vocals.

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