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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Most Popular Recording Software

Just before AES is as good a time as any for this subject. Digital Music Doctor has released a list of the 15 most popular recording software products. This is not based on sales, but on search activity on Google, Yahoo, AOL and MSN during the last quarter .

It's no surprise that Pro Tools is number 1, since it's in almost every major recording and post facility and taught in every school. FL Studio, at number 2, is a surprise however, although it shouldn't be. The software has a full feature list for it's Signature model for only $299 retail, and the Express edition can be had for as little as $49.

Here are the 15 that make up the list.

1. Avid Pro Tools
2. FL Studio
3. Steinberg Cubase
4. Cakewalk Sonar
5. Apple Logic
6. Adobe Audition
7. Apple GarageBand
8. Sony Sound Forge
9. MOTU Digital Performer
10. Ableton Live
11. Sony Acid
12. Band-in-a-box
13. Steinberg Nuendo
14. Steinberg Wavelab
15. Propellerhead Reason

Personally, I've gone from Digital Performer to Nuendo before finally happily settling in with Pro Tools. It's almost impossible to do any major recording work these days without having a handle on it. That being said, almost every package on this list has improved by leaps and bounds, and as a result, is capable of some excellent performance in the right hands.
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Craig said...

Although I can't use it at the studio I'm currently working at, I really like Samplitude.

The audio engine is great and it handles editing better, at least for my brain, than any of the other platforms I've tried.For some reason it just resonates with me.

The UI is always snappy, even under load, which I can't say about the DP7 system I work on these days.

It's also got object based editing, which I found pretty efficient. If you cut out a chunk of audio, it becomes its own object that you can simply right click on to apply fx etc. The fx are then only active while that object is playing. I find that easier to work with than automating fx bypasses for specific sections of a track.

Thanks for the list!

Doug Darrell said...

Hmmm. Would have thought Reaper would be up there.

SPWS said...

Avid Pro Tools is the best pc recording software that I used. I'm happy that is in the number one spot.


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