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Monday, November 17, 2008

EMI Gets It

Although it's too early to tell, it looks like EMI might finally be seeing the light. According to a recent Billboard interview with EMI's worldwide president of digital, Douglas Merrill:
"What you'll see is less of a focus on sales of individual tracks or the conceptual equivalent of little round shiny disks and more about helping artists learn things about their fan group that they can't directly see.......... The value of a label going forward is to be the platform to connect artists and fans and teach each more about the other."
The fan of the artist really wants to know everything about that artist and wants the artist to keep directly in touch with him or her. Trent Reznor has been at the forefront of artist/fan communication but until this latest EMI release, all the major labels and only a few indies even considered this to be a useful tool in promoting an artist's career.

Bravo, EMI. Now let's see you put it into action.

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