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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let The Public Mix It?

This from today's Hypbot:
"Master stems from eleven tracks off of Canadian hip hop artist K‐OS’ Spring 2009 release "YES!" have been made available to Indaba Music’s community of 100,000 musicians. On February 3rd submissions will close and K‐OS will select his favorite mixes from each track’s submissions to win both $1,000 and a spot on Universal’s companion release."
Although the idea of a contest is new, Trent Reznor and Todd Rundgren (way back in 1993) have provided individual tracks or stems (groups of tracks) of their songs for consumer remixing before. It's very easy for an artist to hold a mix as too precious and a work of art, but usually the consumer doesn't have the means to present a song in its best light if given the chance. It'll be interesting to hear the results on February 3rd.

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